Diluc Genshin Impact Build Guide


The tycoon of a winery empire in Mondstadt, unmatched in every possible way.

Diluc Combat talent


Tempered Sword

Performs up to 4 consecutive strikes.
Charged Attack
Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.
Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

1-Hit DMG 89.7%

2-Hit DMG 87.6%

3-Hit DMG 98.8%

4-Hit DMG 134%

Charged Attack Spinning DMG 68.8%

Charged Attack Final DMG 125%

Charged Attack Stamina Cost 40/s

Max Duration 5s

Plunge DMG 89.5%

Low / High Plunge DMG 179% / 224%

Searing Onslaught

Type: Elemental Skill

Performs a forward slash that deals Pyro DMG.

This skill can be used 3 times consecutively. Enters CD if not cast again within a short period.

1-Hit DMG 94.4%

2-Hit DMG 97.6%

3-Hit DMG 129%

CD 10s


Type: Elemental Burst

Releases intense flames to knock nearby enemies back, dealing Pyro DMG. The flames then converge into the weapon, summoning a Phoenix that flies forward and deals massive Pyro DMG to all enemies in its path. The Phoenix explodes upon reaching its destination, causing a large amount of AoE Pyro DMG.
The searing flames that run down his blade cause Diluc’s Normal and Charged Attacks to deal Pyro DMG for a time.

Slashing DMG 204%

DoT 60%

Explosion DMG 204%

CD 12s

Infusion Duration 8s

Energy Cost 40

Diluc Passive Talents


Ascension 1
Diluc’s Charged Attack Stamina Cost is decreased by 50%, and its duration is increased by 3s.

Blessing of Phoenix

Ascension 4

The Pyro Infusion provided by Dawn lasts for 4s longer. Additionally, Diluc gains 20% Pyro DMG Bonus during the duration of this effect.

Tradition of the Dawn Knight

Unlocked Automatically
Refunds 15% of the ores used when crafting Claymore-type weapons.

Diluc Constellations

Diluc Builds

Pyro DPS build

The weapons can be combined with any of the artifact sets listed.
Skill Star

Wolf's Gravestone
Increases ATK by 20/25/30/35/40%. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party members’ Base ATK by 40/50/60/70/80% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.
Skill Star

Prototype Aminus
On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to deal an additional 240/300/360/420/480% ATK DMG to enemies within a small radius. Can only occur once every 15s.

Full Crimson WItch of Flames Set

Crimson Witch of Flames
Energy Recharge / Pyro DMG% / ATK%

(2) Increases Pyro DMG by 15%.

(4) Increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases 2-Piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max 3 stacks.

Full Gladiator's Finale Set

Gladiator's Finale
ATK% / Pyro DMG% / CRIT Rate

(2) Increases ATK by 18%.

(4) If the wielder of this artifact set uses a Sword, Claymore or Polearm, increases their Normal Attack DMG by 35%.

Diluc Ascension Costs

Diluc gets a boost to CRIT Rate as they ascend.

StufeLvlKostenMat #1Mat #2Mat #3Mat #4
120200001x Agnidus Agate Sliver3x Small Lamp Grass3x Recruit’s Insignia
240400003x Agnidus Agate Fragment2x Everflame Seed10x Small Lamp Grass15x Recruit’s Insignia
350600006x Agnidus Agate Fragment4x Everflame Seed20x Small Lamp Grass12x Sergeant’s Insignia
460800003x Agnidus Agate Chunk8x Everflame Seed30x Small Lamp Grass18x Sergeant’s Insignia
5701000006x Agnidus Agate Chunk12x Everflame Seed45x Small Lamp Grass12x Lieutenant’s Insignia
6801200006x Agnidus Agate Gemstone20x Everflame Seed60x Small Lamp Grass24x Lieutenant’s Insignia

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