Speaker Barbara of Genshin Impact is harassed

The voice of the character Barbara from Genshin Impact has received an adjustment. However, many fans didn’t like it at all, so they harassed the voice actress. This is what happened: since February 3, Genshin Impact’s update 1.3 has been active. It brought fresh content like the new character Xiao, the photo event or the buff of the character Zhongli. However, there was one change that didn’t go down well with some fans. The healer character Barbara got a different dubbing voice in the English version of Genshin Impact.Laura Stahl remains the voice actress, but she has received other directives during the recording. Her voice for Barbara therefore now sounds different from what fans were used to.

The voice actress gets in touch on Twitter

This is what the voice actress says: After the change, the voice actress Laura Stahl got in touch on Twitter. In a tweet she asked the fans to leave her alone, because apparently she has received many requests that she should reverse the change in the voice.

Stahl did not say what kind of messages she received from angry fans. So whether, for example, insults or even death threats were among them, as it was the case with the actor of Spider-Man. But there were obviously enough messages that she felt compelled to publish an official statement because of it.

As a result, in the official reddit forum of Genshin Impact, there was also a call for players not to harass the voice actress. Another part of the players defended the voice actress, stating that she has no influence on the directive decisions, nor is it her fault that the change happened.

What do you think about the adaptation of Barbara’s voice? Which of the two versions do you like more? Or do you use a different voice setting? Let us know in the comments.

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