Tartaglia Genshin Impact Childe Build Guide

Tartaglia (Childe)

No. 11 of The Harbingers, also known as “Childe”. His name is highly feared on the battlefield.

Tartaglia Combat talent

Cutting Torrent

Type: Normal Attack
Performs up to 6 consecutive shots with a bow.
Charged Attack

Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG.
While aiming, the power of Hydro will accumulate on the arrowhead. An arrow fully charged with the torrent will deal Hydro DMG and apply the Riptide status.


Opponents affected by Riptide will suffer from AoE Hydro DMG effects when attacked by Tartaglia in various ways. DMG dealt in this way is considered Normal Attack DMG.

– Riptide Flash: A fully-charged Aimed Shot that hits an opponent affected by Riptide deals consecutive bouts of AoE DMG. Can occur once every 0.7s.

– Riptide Burst: Defeating an opponent affected by Riptide created a Hydro burst that inflicts the Riptide status on nearby opponents hit.

Plunging Attack
Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact. When Tartaglia is in Foul Legacy: Raging Tide’s Melee Stance, he cannot perform a plunging attack.

1-Hit DMG 41.3%

2-Hit DMG 46.3%

3-Hit DMG 55.4%

4-Hit DMG 57%

5-Hit DMG 60.9%

6-Hit DMG 72.8%

Aimed Shot 43.9%

Fully-Charged Aimed Shot 124%

Riptide Flash DMG 12.4%x3

Riptide Burst DMG 62%

Riptide Duration 10s

Plunge DMG 63.9%

Low/High Plunge DMG 128%/160%

Foul Legacy: Raging Tide

Type: Elemental Skill

Unleashes a set of weaponry made of pure water, dealing Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents and entering a Melee Stance.
In this Stance, Tartaglia’s Normal and Charged Attacks are converted to Hydro DMG that cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion and change as follows:

Normal Attack
Performs up to 6 consecutive Hydro strikes.
Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash a cross slash, dealing Hydro.

Riptide Slash

Hitting an opponent affected by Riptide with a melee attack unleashes a Riptide Slash that deals AoE Hydro DMG. DMG dealt in this way is considered Elemental Skill DMG, and can only occur once every 1.5s.

After 30s, or when the ability is unleashed again, this skill will end. Tartaglia will return to his Ranged Stance and this ability will enter CD. The longer Tartaglia stays in his Melee Stance, the longer the CD.
If the return to a ranged stance occurs automatically after 30s, the CD is even longer.

Stance Change DMG 72%

1-Hit DMG 38.9%

2-Hit DMG 41.6%

3-Hit DMG 56.3%

4-Hit DMG 59.9%

5-Hit DMG 55.3%

6-Hit DMG 35.4% + 37.7%

Charged Attack DMG 60.2% + 72%

Charged Attack Stamina Cost 20

Riptide Slash 60%

Max Duration 30s

Preemptive CD 6 – 36s

Max. CD 45s

Havor: Obliteration

Type: Elemental Burst
Performs different attacks based on what stance Tartaglia is in when casting.
Ranged Stance: Flash of Havoc

Swiftly fires a Hydro-imbued magic arrow, dealing AoE Hydro DMG and applying the Riptide status.
Returns a portion of its Energy Cost after use.

Melee Stance: Light Obliteration

Performs a slash with a large AoE, dealing massive Hydro DMG to all surrounding opponents, which triggers Riptide Blast.

Riptide Blast

When the obliterating waters hit an opponent affected by Riptide, it clears their Riptide status and triggers a Hydro Explosion that deals AoE Hydro DMG.
DMG dealt in this way is considered Elemental Burst DMG.

Skill DMG: Melee 464%

Skill DMG: Ranged 378%

Riptide Blast DMG 120%

Energy Return (Ranged) 20

CD 15s

Energy Cost 60


Never Ending

Ascension 1
Extends Riptide duration by 8s.

Sword of Torrents

Ascension 4

When Tartaglia is in Foul Legacy: Raging Tide‘s Melee Stance, on dealing a CRIT hit, Normal and Charged Attacks apply the Riptide status effect to opponents.


Master of Weaponry

Unlocked Automatically

Increases your own party member’s Normal Attack Level by 1.

TARTAGLIA Constellations


Hydro DPS build

The weapons can be combined with any of the artifact sets listed, but we would recommend using the 4 piece set Heart of Depth for maximum damage overall, because Noblesse Oblige will only boost the ultimate, while Heart of Depth is boosting normal and charged attacks.
Skill Star

Skyward Harp
Increases CRIT DMG by 20/25/30/35/40%. Hits have a 60/70/80/90/100% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 100% Physical ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 4s.
Skill Star

Increases Normal Attack DMG by 40/50/60/70/80% but decreases Aimed Shot DMG by 8/9/10/11/12%.

Full Heart of Depth Set

Heart of Depth
ATK% / Hydro DMG% / CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG

(2) Hydro DMG Bonus +15%.

(4) After using Elemental Skill, increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 30% for 15s.

2 Noblesse Oblige Pieces +
2 Heart of Depth Pieces

Noblesse Oblige
ATK% / Hydro DMG / CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG
(2) Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
Heart of Depth
ATK% / Hydro DMG% / CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG

(2) Hydro DMG Bonus +15%.

Tartaglia Ascension Costs

Tartaglia gets a boost to Hydro DMG as they ascend.

StufeLvlKostenMat #1Mat #2Mat #3Mat #4
120200001x Varunada Lazurite Sliver3x Starconch3x Recruit’s Insignia
240400003x Varunada Lazurite Fragment2x Cleansing Heart10x Starconch15x Recruit’s Insignia
350600006x Varunada Lazurite Fragment4x Cleansing Heart20x Starconch12x Sergeant’s Insignia
460800003x Varunada Lazurite Chunk8x Cleansing Heart30x Starconch18x Sergeant’s Insignia
5701000006x Varunada Lazurite Chunk12x Cleansing Heart45x Starconch12x Lieutenant’s Insignia
6801200006x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone20x Cleansing Heart60x Starconch24x Lieutenant’s Insignia

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